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Our Story

MeetingFull was born to create a platform for effective meetings with purpose and respect for all.

Sounds lofty?

Let’s try this: MeetingFull is here to solve the very real problem around the value we all get from the enormous amount of time spent in meetings.

The Quick Background

Our previous life had been as part of a team that grew a company from a startup where you need to look both ways before rolling back your chair, to becoming a large global organization.

In the process of crashing chairs and growing, you can imagine there were many, many, many meetings. Like everyone else on the planet, we recognized that the struggle to make meetings purposeful and respectful was a gigantic one. How gigantic? The cost of time reported being unproductively spent in meetings is valued at $541 billion (with a ‘b’) per year globally!

Who says the Norm needs to be the Norm?!

We found that the meeting space is full of fragmented, point solution tools. There are tools for scheduling and booking, others that have virtual AI assistance and machine learning algorithms for when to schedule events, and a few others for meeting collaboration. All good and interesting, but none that solve the larger, persistent problem of how to have purposeful and respectful meetings. Additionally, it’s pretty expensive to start implementing tools to address only one pain point per tool. Gigantic problem with no solution.

We’re not Scared to Reinvent the Norm

Well, we stopped rolling back our chairs and started rolling up our sleeves. The MeetingFull team loves a challenge and is here to fix the gigantic struggle of running purposeful and respectful meetings. Being forward thinking and a fresh perspective in this market, we’re dedicated to bringing value to the finite amount of time each person has in their day.

We have the background, capabilities, and scale to support the land and expand usage model in both small and large organizations. We’re built to support various globalization requirements, allowing for full global usage.

Yeah, we’re creative, innovative, and have an awesome tech stack behind the scenes, but that’s all to help us stay laser-focused on providing solutions for a big problem. We’re here for you, to support you, and make sure you have an amazing MeetingFull experience.

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